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Sunday, August 24, 2014
Moose Legion Breakfast September 14th
The Moose Legion will be sponsoring a reverse raffle breakfast on Sunday September 14, 2014. Breakfast will begin at 10am, with the drawing to follow. The donation is just $15.00. All proceeds will go towards the Cuyahoga Falls Moose 918 Moose Legion. Only 100 tickets will be available for this event on a first come first serve basis. Get your tickets at the bar today! Thank you for your support of the Moose Legion.
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Administrator's Message
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Welcome to Cuyahoga Falls Moose 918 and Women Of The Moose Chapter 686.

Are your dues due? You can renew your dues online at www.mooseintl.org.
Or bring your renewal notice with you to the Moose with your credit card. We can renew you dues for you.

Only the following persons may be admitted as a “qualified guest” into the social quarters:

1) An active lodge or chapter member's immediate family.
2) The lady friend of an active lodge member or the gentleman friend of an active chapter member.

A prospective member is defined as ANY GUEST that is accompanied by a member who can sponsor them for membership. The prospective member must be accompanied at all times by his or her sponsor. The prospective member must be properly signed in as a guest. The prospective member shall leave when his or her sponsor leaves. The prospective member shall be limited to two (2) visits. The prospective member shall not make any purchases. Only active members, whose active status has been verified, are permitted to make purchases. Members shall at all times be responsible for the conduct of their guests. Gentlemanly/Ladylike (orderly) conduct is required of ALL persons in the social quarters at all times. Members and/or guests who fail to adhere to these rules will be asked to leave, and may result in the suspension of the social privileges of the members involved.

PLEASE continue to support your lodge, chapter, and ALL extended organizations of your lodge.

Bill Rader
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